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What makes Tris unique?

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Short video providing an overview of Tris Pharma’s proprietary LiquiXR® technology, which was used in the development of Tris Pharma’s branded ADHD products.

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LiquiXR drug delivery technology utilizes an ion-exchange resin

  • Ion-exchange resins are made of negatively charged, polystyrene.
  • Any active moiety that can be protonated and is water-soluble can complex with the ion-exchange resin to form micron-sized drug-resin particles.

Drug-resin particles can be coated with a polymer of varying thickness

  • Portions of drug-resin particles can be coated with an aqueous polymer that allows for passive ion-exchange with NO pH-dependent breakdown required.
  • Polymer coating applied to drug-resin particles is of varying thickness which allows for programmed, extended release of active drug product.
  • These micron-sized, drug-resin particles can be formulated into a variety of dosage forms (tablets, liquids, films, capsules).

Millions of immediate-release and extended-release particles enable targeted pharmacokinetic profiles

  • Solid, uncoated particles provide for immediate-release of active drug product.
  • The variable thickness of the polymer-coated particles allows for programmed, extended release of active drug product.

Active drug moiety is released from the drug-resin particles via ion exchange and diffusion

  • Once ingested, positively charged ions from the gastrointestinal tract, like sodium, diffuse across the polymer coating and displace the drug from the resin.
  • The drug then diffuses back across the coating to the gastrointestinal tract.

Extended-release coating of variable thickness slows the diffusion of ions entering and exiting the particles

  • The extent of drug release is based on diffusion rate across the polymer coating which is NOT pH-dependent.
  • The mechanism of drug release allows for rapid absorption and sustained plasma levels after once-daily dosing.
  • Technology allows for development of customizable release profiles.
  • Release profiles can last up to 24 hours.
  • The ion-exchange resins are excreted unchanged in the feces.
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