Experienced experts committed to supporting
those managing or living with ADHD

About the parent company, Tris Pharma

Our Mission: Understanding the science that drives the delivery of drugs to develop products with unique attributes; bringing to market products that add value to our patients and customers; and providing a benefit to our employees and to society.

About Tris Medical

Tris Medical’s ultimate mission is to improve the lives of those living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and related disorders. We will achieve this by supporting the mental health community, especially those managing or living with ADHD. Tris Medical is a team of passionate experts whose chief focus is to improve the understanding of ADHD and related disorders and its impact on the individual and their family throughout their lifespan. We strive to provide and interpret meaningful information based on pivotal, peer-reviewed scientific literature. We aim to continuously work to better understand our users’ information and data needs and provide them with flexible means to access it, how and when they desire.

Tris Pharma Medical Affairs Timeline

Tris Pharma Medical Affairs Timeline
Tris Pharma founded
LiquiXR® technology developed
First FDA approval and partner product launch
First FDA approved ADHD product using LiquiXR®
Launched generics business
Initiated Medical & Clinical divisions
Established Field Medical Team
Launched branded business for ADHD and related disorders
Acquired NextWave from Pfizer
Acquired Park Therapeutics